Mining And Split Calculator

Android Application

Mining calculator is a tool for choosing best package combinations and estimating number of coins as well as calculating bonuses.

Chicken Vision

Android Application

Chicken Vision is a mobile application for online viewing of web cameras across the country of Slovenia. You can check road traffic by looking at traffic webcams or you can check how crowded it is on a nearby ski resort. Webcams from weather stations also enable you to check weather conditions and temperatures across Slovenia.

Contact Saver

Android Application

Backup, restore and transfer of phone contacts.
Have you ever tried to transfer your phone contacts from one phone to another, but were unable to preserve HD profile images ? Then this useful utility called Contact Saver is for you. It stores your contacts locally in a compressed CSA file format, including profile images in their original size. Contact Saver can also read and write contacts stored on SIM card. For easier transfer between android devices there is also a share function.